• CROSS KICK™ combines the benefits of the two most popular forms of exercise, Fitness Kickboxing and Cross Training.
  • You have a wide demographic that will love CROSS KICK™CROSS KICK™ is great for women and men of any current fitness level.
  • CROSS KICK™ members have remained in our program because not only of the great training and results, but also because of the CROSS KICK™ culture and community, so our retention if very high.
  • CROSS KICK™ has an extensive training programs and certifications that all CROSS KICK™ instructors must complete which insures the highest of standards for our instruction to our clients.
  • Our profitability margins are great, our business model is easily manageable, and with low start up cost and high revenue potential, CROSS KICK™ is a profitable and easily sustainable business venture.


  • Support Through Experience
    One of the biggest advantages of owning a CROSS KICK® License is the wealth of experience available to you through our headquarters. CROSS KICK® is currently being successfully operated in locations all over the US. Your support package includes the following materials and services.
  • Comprehensive Training
    CROSS KICK® License Training Program consists of intensive training in the following areas: class structure and size, pre-opening and set-up, marketing, operations and customer service.
  • Purchasing Power We provide all of our licensees with our low rates on supplies, software, and inventory.
  • Media & Marketing
    CROSS KICK® Headquarters will coordinate a grand opening media blitz with you. We will help you establish the best media contacts in your area, and target the best media outlets to promote your business on an ongoing basis. We will provide you with advertising ads and campaigns to use in a variety of advertising methods. We also provide you the follow marketing assistance.
    • Website Design
    • Social Media Marketing Content
    • Digital and Email Marketing Content
  • Business Identification
    For your administrative and correspondence needs, you will receive templates for letterhead, envelopes, brochures, membership forms, body fat tracking charts, guest passes, and member contracts.
  • Licensee Mentoring Program & Ongoing Support
    As a licensee, you will have a member of the
    CROSS KICK® Management team assigned to you. Your mentor will work closely with you throughout your first month of operations to ensure a successful opening and to assist you with ongoing operational procedures. We will be available to you thereafter for assistance via phone conference and email correspondence.